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:D Hi i'm Valentina. I'm Nigerian. I enjoy drawing, sculpting and just crafting in general. This is basically where i post my creative process along with everything i find interesting. Thanks for visiting.

Feel free to ask me anything. if you dont want your question published let me know.

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Jun 5

Playing around with yarn and such and i finally figured out how to make baby booties. LOL it actually wasn’t really as hard as i thought it would be. Buttons are kinda creepy though.

Apr 27

Dont remember if i shared this here. Started knitting again and i really liked how this hat came out. I’ve made other things since then but this is the only picture of something knit i have. Trying to teach myself how to make socks too.

Mar 18

This took soo much yarn (a little over 1 skein) :D i love how it came out.

LOL i really enjoyed making this:D I KNow i say that about everything i make lol but i just really enjoy craft of all kinds.

Mar 1

Finished this gir hat a bit ago. LOL there was quite a bit of sewing involved but i really like how it came out.

I actually have this listed on Ebay if anyone is interested

Feb 19

Crochet hats inspired by the super mario game franchise. I currently have these listed on ebay if anyone is interested.image I tried to insert the link as a photo source lol i hope i did it right.

I am not affiliated with nintendo I’m just a fan of their games.

Feb 17

These were too much fun. I’m going to take better pics of them and list em on ebay sometime next week. Hopefully i will be able to send them off to someone who will enjoy them as much as i enjoyed creating them.

I am not affiliated with nintendo :) i just really enjoyed playing their games as a kid.

Feb 7

Jan 1
Love this continuity scarf style to death. 

Love this continuity scarf style to death. 

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