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:D Hi i'm Valentina. I'm Nigerian. I enjoy drawing, sculpting and just crafting in general. This is basically where i post my creative process along with everything i find interesting. Thanks for visiting.

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Apr 17

Picked up my main sculpt today. Its been a while since i worked on it, still have to cut it apart but i want to make sure she’s as close to the way i pictured her before i cut anything. There was quite a bit of sanding and carving today but i’m happy with where this is going. There are also some parts where i hit the proverbial pan on it and carved through to the foil underneath  behind the knee area and back :(. Not sure if i should patch it up or if i should just leave it alone since i plan to cut her apart pretty soon anyway. 

The back of the head looks messed. Doesn’t have that lovely “back of the head shape” so it needs quite a bit of work too. I feel like she’s leaning to one side so i need to straighten her up a bit. Next up hands, feet and the joints i will be using.

I got an awesome tip from Nita Sleetwealth on facebook about using a sphere grinder bit to hollow out the head of one of the sculpts  i posted earlier so i went to the home depot :( they didn’t have it. Sooooo disappointed cause i was really looking forward to grinding off a few inches…  meah I’ll just have to keep carving away at it till i find something. Still moving along slowly though. Also need one more part for my pressure pot before i can start making my junk molds. Hopefully this goes well and i have something to show for all this work i the near future… :D Fingers crossed lol and always hopeful.

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